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Like a F.O.B. speech, this intro might take a minute…

Music is my life. It’s been a part of me since I can remember. My family would perform in local theatre musicals and talent shows. Just imagine if there was an Andrew Lloyd Webber version of the Partridge Family and that was pretty much my childhood environment.

I was exposed to “safe” music and had Yanni and Neil Diamond cassettes just to name a few. One of my first hip hop tracks was the Beach Boys / Fat Boys remix of Wipeout and man I thought I was hip rapping alongside Prince Markie Dee!

Back in elementary school I would bring in CDs like the Jock Jams compilations and play them during Gym class to get us pumped up! Those are still some of my favorite albums to this day!

Jr. High and High School was all about band. I was a drummer or “percussionist” to be formal and played in Concert, Marching, and Jazz bands. I was lucky enough to be exposed to the Carmel High School music program which is nationally recognized.

I received an A.S. in Professional Communications from Ivy Tech and was awarded as the “Outstanding Student” for the communications program in my region.

Where it began…

 I worked with a couple radio stations after college but really felt the need to pursue something solo. After having some friends ask I started getting into DJing parties and other small events which eventually led to my first wedding.

Yes, at some point every DJ has had “the first wedding” gig. But from that you grow, you develop your craft, you figure out what drives the energy of the party and how to harness it and most importantly KEEP PRACTICING! Each year was building upon the last and as I matured, so did the business.

Over the last several years I’ve had a yearning, a desire and craving for more knowledge, more education and skills. The resources that are available at DJ expos and tradeshows are simply indescribable. It’s amazing that so many seasoned veterans are willing to share and teach their wealth of information and expertise to the younger up and coming generations.

If only I had a mentor when starting out, it wouldn’t have taken several years to get my feet off the ground and the turntables spinning. Now, I find myself connecting with local DJ colleagues in the hopes of creating a network and support group and slowly we’re begining to build the foundations of something big.

Ultimately, my personal goal is to bring people together through music, to evoke an emotional and physical reaction and hit all of the senses. The energy is infectious, it will ignite you and elevate you to euphoria.
From the stage to the sound booth, music is my life today, tomorrow, and beyond

David was very professional and easy to work with. He met with us multiple times to plan all of the details for our wedding reception. He helped walk us through the process and come up with the plan and programming for the evening, and it was very easy to communicate with him at every step of the way. He helped lead the flow of the event and was very accommodating to our needs. Everyone was entertained and enjoyed the music, sound, display and speeches. I highly recommend Audio Inferno LLC’s services and it was a pleasure working with them!

Ann & Dan Kuang


We had our wedding and rehearsal all at one location Dave and his assistant did a wonderful job with all of the ceremony music and mic for the pastor. There was no sound drop or awkward pauses in the different entrance or exit music. Also while we were finishing pictures in between ceremony and reception, Audio Inferno played some good music we were told and also did some games to keep people involved and kept the people excited until we arrived. We had many compliments on our evening and Audio Inferno was always one of the top compliments! Thank you so much!

Alyssa & Garrett Beall

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